4 Hair square face

The main goal of your hairstyle is to soften and elongate your face to fully compliment your sharp features.


Any parting
Any parting will look great on you, side part, middle part, off-centered part, a strong side-part or anything in-between, so go ahead and rock your natural parting for your everyday look.

Centered parting
A centered parting will make your face appear more round, and will create symmetry while softening your features.

Deep side part
A deep side part that starts at the arch of your brow, will help soften both your forehead and chin.



Layered lengths
Layered hair beyond shoulder length is a great look next to a square face, as it will add length and soften your jawline. Be sure to add texture to the top and bottom of your hair, to further elongate your face. Do however always let the health of your hair determine your length, and go shorter if your hair is on the thinner side.

Short bob at the cheekbones
Go for a bold short bob that hits just below your chin, and a look that is layered in the front to emphasize your cheekbones rather than your jawline.

Angled bob
An asymmetrical cut that is shorter in the back and gets longer in the front, will help elongate your face and will look beautiful on you. A regular bob that is longer, and doesn’t hit directly at your jaw, will also be flattering.



Soft long bangs
Go for soft, long bangs that falls to the sides and creates diagonal lines, or curtain-like bangs that is shorter in the middle and gets longer towards the corners. Also long bangs that are curled inwards is a sure winner when it comes to a square face.

Rounded bangs
If you love a sharp fringe, go for a rounded look. Make sure that the hair near your temples on each side is a little longer to create that rounded shape, that will be soft and will balance your angular features.



Teased updo
When doing an updo with longer hair, try teasing your hair at the roots. The added volume on top of your head will help lengthen your face.

Low chignon
If your hair is on the longer side, a low chignon is a fabulous look on a square face. Go for a low chignon with a slightly off-centered side parting, and pull out pieces around the temples to soften the look.

A ponytail can be a beautiful updo for a square face. If you want more softness, you can always go for a lose ponytail with pulled out pieces in the front.


Avoid looks with very blunt straight bangs, very slicked back hair and short bobs that stops at the jaw, as these styles will emphasize a strong jawline. Strong curls can also widen your face, so be mindful about getting more volume on the top and bottom of your face.

Do – You
The best advice is to work with what you got. Yes you can straighten curly hair and curl straight hair, but it takes a lot of time and money to constantly change your natural locks. A hairstyle that compliments your hair in it’s natural glory will always be flattering, and will keep your hair strong and healthy.

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