4 Hair round face

The main goal of your hairstyle is to elongate the face and create angles.


Arch side part
A deep side part, or parting your hair where your eyebrow arch, will create an interesting look and help elongate your face.



Layered hair
If you have medium to long hair, try asking your stylist for layers that start slightly below the chin and are angled outward.

Long wavy hair
Long mildly wavy hair will always compliment a round face. Do however always let the health of your hair determine your length and go shorter if your hair is on the thinner side. Try adding a middle part to further accentuate a wavy texture.

Curly hair
Be sure to keep the volume at the top and bottom of your hair, to elongate your face. Also strong bouncy curls with a deep side swept part, is always a gorgeous look on a round face.

Layered bob
If you want to go for a bold bob, try a length between your collarbones and jaw, and make sure that the cut isn’t too straight but has a lot of layers and texture near the bottom half.

Short pixie
A short pixie cut with volume at the top is also a pretty hairstyle on a round face.



Soft bangs
If you love bangs, go for side swept layered bangs, or bold full moon bangs. Also bangs that cover your eyebrows will be flattering on you, and will draw attention to your eyes as long as the cut isn’t too blunt.



A classic ponytail will look great on you, and a teased crown area will help elongate your face.

Half updo
A great style for round faces is a half updo, with volume at the crown area. The volume on top and bottom, will help slim and lengthen your face.

Asymmetric side-piece
Leaving a little piece of hair untucked on one side of an updo, will visually make your face appear more narrow.


Avoid soft wispy or rounded bangs, as this will only accentuate your round features. Also hiding your face behind your hair, or wearing a sleek pulled back look won’t flatter a round face either.

Strong curls can also widen your face, so be mindful about getting more volume on the top and bottom of your face.

Avoid a haircut that is too uniform, you want to create as much dimension and texture as possible.

Do – You
The best advice is to work with what you got. Yes you can straighten curly hair and curl straight hair, but it takes a lot of time and money to constantly change your natural locks. A hairstyle that compliments your hair in it’s natural glory will always be flattering, and will keep your hair strong and healthy.

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