4 Hair oblong face

The main goal of your hairstyle is to make your face appear wider by adding volume near your cheekbones and chin.


Middle parting
A middle parting will create the illusion of roundness, and compliments an oblong face.



Shoulder length
Shoulder length and anything above will make your face appear wider than it is. If you’re going for long hair, make sure to get long layers that hit the cheekbones and chin. Do however always let the health of your hair determine your length, and go shorter if your hair is on the thinner side.

Wild curls
Curls can create a lot of volume, so if you’re blessed with them, make sure to let your waves run wild near your cheekbone to create the illusion of a wider face.

Sleek bob
A sleek bob is a great choice for straight or wavy hair. Keep the bob slightly shorter in the back, and let the hairstyle end at your jaw or slightly below, accentuating your bone structure and adding width to the face.



Face-framing fringe
A face-framing fringe combined with a middle parting will add width to your face, and will compliment an oblong face.

Straight or side swept bangs
Straight cut, or side swept bangs that cover your forehead and graze your eyebrows, will help reduce the length of the face and will compliment an oblong face.



Half updo
Make a half updo by pulling back the hair at your crown area, and let the rest of your hair create volume on the sides and at the bottom. Pull out strands of hair from the sides, to create further width to the face.

Low ponytail
A loose ponytail with pulled out pieces will also minimize the volume on top, and add width to the face.


Avoid hair that is too long, as this will create additional length to your face. One-length hair and super sleek looks aren’t the greatest either. Also avoid wearing buns on top of your head or high ponytails, as these will only add length to your face.

Do – You
The best advice is to work with what you got. Yes you can straighten curly hair and curl straight hair, but it takes a lot of time and money to constantly change your natural locks. A hairstyle that compliments your hair in it’s natural glory will always be flattering, and will keep your hair strong and healthy.

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