4 Hair heart-shaped face

The main goal of your hairstyle is to balance a narrow chin by adding volume to the bottom of your face, and to counter your sharp features with a soft cut.


A deep side part
Parting your hair in a deep side part will emphasize your cheekbones and open your face.

Off-centered part
A slightly off-centered parting of your hair is always flattering on a heart-shaped face.



Long hair
Layered shoulder length hair or longer will  look great on you. Try adding layers that start around your cheekbones to emphasize a chiseled look, or try longer layers that starts just below the jaw to soften your chin. Do however always let the health of your hair determine your length, and go shorter if your hair is on the thinner side.

The lob
Layered hair just above shoulder length, will add volume around the bottom of your face and help balance your chin. Try adding layers that start around your cheekbones to emphasize a chiseled look.

A bouncy bob
If your hair is on the thinner side with a straight or wavy texture, go for a bob that ends at the jaw, as it will help widen your chin and will look fabulous on you. Go for soft and bouncy, rather than blunt and boxy.



Soft fringe
If you love bangs, go for a long soft eyebrow-skimming fringe, that taper off around the face. This style is great for hiding a wider forehead and helps balance a narrow chin.

Side-swept fringe
Long side-swept bangs will draw attention to your eyes. Ask your stylist to trim the bangs vertically, and end the style between your eyelid and brow. Be careful not to go too short to avoid the ‘school-girl’ look.



High chignon
A bun that is centered in the back, or slightly elevated, will look great on you. Be sure to have some teased volume in the front, to avoid sleeked down hair that will only emphasize a larger forehead. Mix the high chignon with a deep parting, creating the illusion of side-swept bangs, for an elegant look.

Wavy updo
Go for a classic low, voluminous and loose updo, that will create a wavy and soft look on your features, as well as add volume near your chin. Pull out strands of hair in the front, to disguise parts of your forehead and to create width near your chin.

Faux bob
If you have longer hair, you can create an updo that looks like a bob ending at your chin, which will add volume at your chin and look gorgeous on you.


Avoid very short bangs and short straight bobs, as they will narrow your chin even more and look boxy. A top knot and space buns will also draw attention to your chin. A flat and sleek hairstyle isn’t your best friend either, and avoid parting your hair directly in the center if your hairline is very heart shaped.

Do – You
The best advice is to work with what you got. Yes you can straighten curly hair and curl straight hair, but it takes a lot of time and money to constantly change your natural locks. A hairstyle that compliments your hair in it’s natural glory will always be flattering, and will keep your hair strong and healthy.

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