4 Hair diamond face

Like the oval face, almost anything goes, as long as it doesn’t add volume near the cheekbones or elongates your face unnecessarily. A diamond shape might also have some additional sharp features, which can be balanced with more rounded and soft styles.


Side part
A deep side part, or a side part that starts at the arch of your eyebrow, will flatter a diamond face shape and will show off your cheekbones.



Layered lengths
Layered hair is always flattering on a diamond face shape. Curly or tousled waves will also add softness to the look, balancing any sharp features. Do however always let the health of your hair determine your length, and go shorter if your hair is on the thinner side.

Chin length bob
A chin length bob will widen your jaw, and soften a pointy look with softer edges framing your face.

Short cuts
A short haircut can be flattering on a diamond face shape. A pixie can however be a little more tricky if the hair becomes too flat, or if the volume becomes a little too cone-like, which will elongate your face unnecessarily.



Medium bangs
Bangs that go straight across your forehead will add width to a smaller forehead. Just be a little cautious with full moon bangs that hides your entire forehead, as it can be a little overwhelming on your face shape.

Side-swept bangs are also very pretty on a diamond shape, as it will emphasize your cheekbones and divide the forehead.

Long fringe
Even long fringe bangs will look great on you.



A ponytail is a classic look that will flatter a diamond face. Pull the hair away from your face, only leaving a few strands to add some softness, and be sure to create some volume on top that is neatly rounded and not too cone-like. You could also combine this look with some fun clip-on bangs, that goes straight across adding width to the forehead.

Ballerina bun
A ballerina bun will show off your cheekbones beautifully.

Sleeked back
Your face shape is very similar to an oval shape, so don’t be shy to show it all off with an elegant sleeked back style if your hair is on the thicker side.

Side blow-dry
Another gorgeous look on you is a deep side part, blow-dried in shape with a round brush to lift and curl, which will add major volume at the roots. You can even pull your hair behind one or both ears to show off those gorgeous cheekbones.


Be careful with creating too much volume on the sides, as this will make the widest part of your face seem even wider. Also adding too much volume at the crown area can elongate your face unnecessarily. Avoid styles that are too flat and falls in completely straight lines around your face. Also a middle-parting isn’t always the best choice, especially if you have straight hair. In some cases, short bangs or full moon bangs can end up covering your forehead and create imbalance to your look.

Do – You
The best advice is to work with what you got. Yes you can straighten curly hair and curl straight hair, but it takes a lot of time and money to constantly change your natural locks. A hairstyle that compliments your hair in it’s natural glory will always be flattering, and will keep your hair strong and healthy.

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