Why does this site exist?

I want to help you feel your best

I’ve always found fashion and beauty to be very chaotic and confusing, and like so many women, I eventually gave it up. It takes a toll always trying on clothes that doesn’t fit, and wasting money on skin care and makeup with disappointing results.

I do however, love wearing well-fitted clothes, flattering makeup and accessories, and I’m obsessed with creating order in chaos, so that is why I spend the past 7 years creating this site.

This site does not exist to make you buy anything. My goal is simply to provide you with the knowledge, if you want to study your beauty trades, to know what is working and why. I want to help you save your money and time, and encourage you not to give up. Beauty and fashion is empowering, and we’re all at our best, when we feel our best.

I hope you enjoy this website and that you will find it very helpful.