4 Make-up grey eyes

Colors for grey eyes
Show off your beautiful grey eyes by choosing a flattering eye shadow. Grey eyes are like hazel eyes in the blue eye family. Grey eyes might be a combination of grey, blue, green and small amounts of yellow around the pupils. You can bring out any shade from those gorgeous multicolored eyes by choosing various shades of eyeshadow. If your eyes have a light color of grey, choose darker and more pigmented colors, and if your eyes have a dark grey color, go for lighter and more pastel shades.

Bring out blue colors using eyeshadows with an orange undertone, since orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel. Go for neutral brown, nudes, bronze, copper, almond, peach, salmon, melon, red-brown, coral or even just a bright orange.

Bring out green colors using eyeshadows with violet undertones like wine, maroon, plum, orchid or lilac.

To bring out the grey in your eyes, go for white, grey, pewter, silver or charcoal eyeshadows. Also a metallic silver eyeliner will be fun for a party look.

Avoid some shades of pink and red, especially bright and bold shades. Even though they will bring out the green in your eyes, they will also bring out any redness in your skin and eyes, which can make you look tired or make your eyes look irritated. Also avoid a grey shade that is too close to your natural eye color, as this will flatten your eyes.

The best mascara colors for you are black, dark brown or even plum mascara.

Eye make-up tips
A full eye-makeup look, can be achieved in four stages:

Primer –> Eyeshadow –> Eyeliner –> Mascara

You can do as many or as few steps as you’d like, from just mascara to a full glam look.

Eye primer is essential if you’re going for an eye look using eyeliner or eyeshadow. An eye primer is a clear primer, that serves to keep everything in place, and keep your makeup from smudging throughout the day.

If you’re using eyeshadow colors, it can be a great idea to use a concealer or a white/light colored primer, to make the color pop. Eyeshadow colors can often appear different with your skin tone underneath, and a light base will insure that your eyeshadow color shows up, exactly as it does on the palette.

Eyeshadow is meant for contouring your eyes, and to make your eyes pop. For any eye look, you’ll need two types of brushes. A flat eyeshadow brush for applying the eyeshadow and a soft fluffy brush to blend the colors.

Your eye area consists of three components; the eyelid, crease and brow bone, which is colored differently to add dimension and contrast.

  1. Lid – light colors
    Start by evenly adding the lighter color onto your eyelid, with a flat eyeshadow brush. If you want to intensify the look, add slightly more pigment in the center, or even a shimmery eyeshadow on top.
  2. Brow bone – light colors
    To make your brow bone stand out, place a small amount of light or shimmery eyeshadow underneath the arch of the brow, and blend it out with a blending brush.
  3. Crease – dark colors
    Choose a darker matte color. Start a line from the outer corner of your eye, in the direction of the end of your eyebrow, and stop when reaching the crease. Extend the line half-way through the crease, creating a triangle. Blend the colors with a blending brush using the windshield-wiper motion, until you reach a flawless transition. To intensify the look, add more pigment to the outer corners, and make the color fade as it reaches the center of the eye.
  4. Lower lash line – dark/medium colors
    Line underneath your lower lash line (not the waterline), 1/3 of the way from the outer corner, with a darker shade. This will give your a soft and natural underlining. Avoid underlining with a dark eyeliner directly on the waterline, as this rarely compliments anyone. It will only make your eyes appear smaller, and the eyeliner is bound to smudge throughout the day.
  5. Crease – medium colors
    If you want, you can add a medium color all the way through your crease, to define the crease even further. Blend with a blending brush for a flawless transition.

The darker your eyeliner is, the more striking and bold it will come across. For a more subtle look, go for grey, taupe or brown eyeliners.

A steady hand
Before attempting any eyeliner style, be sure to stabilize your elbow on a flat surface, to maintain a steady hand.

Eyeliner looks
Stretching your eyelid a bit while applying eyeliner can be necessary, but you can often avoid a squiggly line by applying eyeliner with your eyes open. If you have trouble seeing your eye lids, try lifting your chin slightly and look down into a mirror.

  1. Fill in the upper lash line
    The very first step in any eyeliner style, is to fill in your upper lash line with a waterproof eyeliner pencil, to avoid the visible gab between the liner and your eyes. A filled in lash line can be a great look in itself, and gives a beautiful and natural effect on any eye shape.
  2. Eyeliner styles
    Soft smokey eyeliner
    The easiest eyeliner is the soft smokey eyeliner, created with an eyeshadow and a blending brush. Pack on some eyeshadow near your lash line, and go a little heavier on the outer corners. Then feather it out with a blending brush. Easy and fabulous.

    Liquid and gel eyeliner
    The aim of liquid liner or a gel liner, is to create bold designs with smooth lines. The smooth lines are easiest achieved by making small dots or dashes along your lash line. Connect the dots with steady short strokes, to create an even line. Make sure to feather out the line towards the inside corner of your eye, to give the eye more of an almond shape.

    A dramatic cat eye effect can be achieved by making an upswept wing on the outer corners of your eyes, towards the end of your eyebrows. Start by making small dots on each side to mark where the wing will end for a more even look. To minimize the trouble of removing misplaced eyeliner, you can also draw on the design first with a brown pencil, which will be easier to remove and correct. Then follow the design with a liquid or gel eyeliner. Make sure not to make the wing too upswept, as it has a tendency to look a bit “overdone”.

    An easier and more subtle version of the cat eye, is to just extent the upper lash line with a straight line from the corner of your eyes. You’ll see that it’s naturally a bit upswept and easier to achieve.

    Also eyeliner can be great for making eyes look more similar, or to enhance your eye shape.

    Set your eyeliner with a powder. Most eyeliners, gels and pens contain oils which make them prone to smudging. Try setting the liner with a translucent powder, or an eyeshadow in a similar shade to your eyeliner.

    WARNING: Don’t be in a rush when doing liquid or gel eyeliner, and be aware that mistakes are inevitable. To remove mistakes, use a q-tip with eye primer or eye makeup remover. Be very careful not to be too picky about your eyeliner results. Repeated removing of eyeliner can be very harsh on the delicate skin around your eyes, and can lead to permanent scars. Alternatively you can cover the mistakes with a covering concealer. If all else fails, you can always go over the line with an eyeshadow, and feather it out with a blending brush, for a beautiful smokey line instead.

  3. Nude eyeliner
    When you’ve completed your eye makeup, clean your waterline with a q-tip. Apply a subtle coat of nude, beige or pink eyeliner to the bottom waterline. This will ensure that your eyes look bigger, healthier and more awake. Avoid lining your waterline with a white eyeliner, as it has a tendency to look very unnatural.

The darker your mascara is, the more boldly it will appear. For a softer look, go for brown or taupe colored mascaras.

  1. Curl your lashes
    Curling your lashes prior to mascara will make your eyes appear more open and help separate the lashes.
  2. Remove excess mascara
    On a regular mascara wand there’s way too much product on the brush, which leads to clumpy uneven lashes. Try letting as much product back into the bottle, then take a paper tissue and wipe the mascara wand ‘clean’, until you see all the bristles. This will leave just enough product to insure beautiful long and separated lashes.
  3. Wiggle with it
    Make your lashes more separated and looking thicker at the roots, by wiggling the mascara wand from side to side at the bottom of the lashes, before swiping to the tips.
  4. Free correcting tool
    The best tool to separate clumping eyelashes, is a clean mascara brush. Next time you buy a new mascara, be sure to clean the old one with soap and water until the water runs clean. You’ll have yourself the most helpful and effective tool for beautiful separated lashes.
  5. Remove mistakes with a q-tip
    Easily swipe away small mistakes with a q-tip around your eyes and along your waterline.

Replace your mascara every 3 months
3 months after opening the bottle, the mascara will be too unsanitary to be used near your eyes, so be sure to switch out your mascara regularly.

No pumping
Moving the mascara wand vigorously up and down before applying mascara, will only force air into the bottle making your mascara clumpy and a breading ground for bacteria.

Avoid waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascara is great for keeping your mascara from smudging in the rain, but it is also very hard to remove, which is damaging to your eyelashes and the area around your eyes. If you want to use waterproof mascara, try coating your lashes with regular mascara first, which will make the mascara easier to remove at the end of the day.

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