3 Skin issues and solutions

Skin issues are typically caused by genetics, but can also occur due to factors like hormonal changes, or changes in the environment, weather, sun exposure, diet or lifestyle in general. The oil in your skin is important for keeping in moisture, but it’s also a fine balance that can easily tip. Too much and your skin becomes oily, too little, and your skin becomes dry and flaky. This imbalance can even lead to more severe skin conditions, in which case it is always advised to seek a doctor or a trained dermatologist. But, assisting your skin with skin care can make a massive difference, especially when it comes to preventing oxidation and aging of the skin.

Sun damage


Oily skin

Dry skin


Large pores/blackheads





Dark spots/hyperpigmentation

Puffy eyes


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Tips – skin care products

Look out for allergies
Note that you should always do a test on your skin, to avoid an allergic reaction when trying a new product, as all skin ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

High quality
Skin care is expensive when you constantly buy the newest product without ever finishing a jar. Aim to find the products that works for you, and go for fewer skincare products with ingredients of higher quality.

Right storage
A lot of active ingredients are easily damaged by heat, air and sunlight. Look for products in opaque bottles with a pump, or airtight dispensers, as they’ll preserve the active ingredients. Also keep your skin care products out of sunlight and preferably in a cold environment.

Use skin care products
Yogurt, honey, olive oil etc. might be natural ingredients, but that doesn’t make them natural to your skin. Be careful with DIY remedies, as botanicals and undiluted oils can ruin the PH level of your skin, cause inflammation and severe allergic reactions. Instead go for products that is specially formulated to deal with your skin condition.

Avoid skin care high in alcohol
A lot of products contain alcohol, but be on the lookout for products where alcohol is listed as one of the 3 top ingredients in a product. This indicates a high level of alcohol that can dry out your skin in an unhealthy way, even for oily skin.