3 Redness/rosacea

Redness in the skin is often caused by dry and sensitive skin, while the skin condition rosacea usually shows itself as flushing of the face, that lasts a little longer each time. Rosacea can become a chronic inflammatory skin condition without treatment, as the blood vessels become more visible on the face, causing a red face and neck (most noticeable on fair skin).


Anything that irritates your skin can worsen rosacea. If possible try to avoid;
– Strong wind
– Sun damage
– Stress
– Caffeine
– Hot showers
– Red wine
– Spicy food
– Also drink ice water during exercise to help your face cool down faster


Treatments like Excel V, Vbeam or Laser Genesis can be great options for more extreme cases of rosacea, when the condition have caused skin thickening and very visible blood vessels. The laser therapy should be preformed by a professional dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and often requires a minimum of six laser sessions.

Laser treatments against redness

Rosacea is also treatable with a treatment plan done by a dermatologist, where medication like Brimonidine and Oxymetazoline can be prescribed. You can however reduce the redness with a skincare routine made for dry and sensitive skin, as well as using ingredients that that helps reduce redness and rosacea.

Skincare for healing skin redness and rosacea

Using a green primer or green tinted makeup, can hide redness in the skin. Green is the opposite color of red on the color wheel, and thereby helps to neutralize the red color.


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