3 Puffy eyes/dark eye circles

Puffy eyes including dark circles, swelling and eye bags, mainly happens due to fat loss under the eyes, water retention, broken blood vessels and increased melanin production, most often brought about by;

– Over-consumption of salt (excessive fluid retention)
– Stress
– Lack of sleep
– Allergies
– Smoking
– Aging
– Dry eyes
– High amounts of alcohol and caffeine (dehydration)
– Sinus issues (can be treated medically)


– Get a sufficient amount of sleep (6-8 hours)
– Elevate your head when you sleep with a pillow to minimize the buildup of fluids
– Use medication to counter allergies
– Limit your consumption of salt, caffeine and alcohol
– Always remove eye makeup before going to sleep
– Avoid passive smoking
– Exercise to increase blood circulation


Cold treatment
Cold compression will bring down the swelling, like gel eye-masks that can be frozen before use, or cold cucumber slices/green tea bags applied under the eyes for 10-15 min.

Ingredients to minimize puffy eyes
To minimize puffy eyes, you can apply an eye creme in the morning with ingredients that will lessen the appearance of puffy eyes.

Skincare that help reduce puffy eyes


Ingredients to lighten dark circles
Be aware that many of the ingredients that can lighten the skin is very harsh on dry and sensitive skin.

Skincare that help lighten the skin


Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone, and apply in an inverted triangle under the eye (going downwards towards the nose) – buff in with your fingers or a beauty blender.
If you want to go the extra mile, try applying a peachy concealer first (fair skin = light to medium peach, medium/dark skin = peach/orange). Make sure that the concealer is pigmented and is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin, so that it actually covers the dark circles. Apply in an inverted triangle going downwards towards the nose and blend out. Once dry, place a layer of foundation on top and blend it out.

Dermal fillers done by a professional dermatologist, can add volume and compensate for fat loss around the eye area.