3 Pimples/whiteheads

When a pore becomes clogged and infected, it leads to swollen, red lesions filled with dead skin cells and bacteria.

White heads
When a pore seals up and swells due to inflammation underneath the skin, it forms a whitehead. Some people might even develop hard lumps underneath called nodules or milia, that can be removed by a professional dermatologist.

If you get an outbreak of pimples and whiteheads, it’s important not touch or pick at it, as the oily skin around the area is prone to infection and acne-causing bacteria. In some cases, you might accidentally push the clog of dead skin cells and bacteria further down into the skin, which can cause even more breakouts. You might also scratch the skin which can prolonge the healing and create unwanted scarring.

Instead see the outbreak as a sign that your skin is oily in that area, and treat the area with products that works anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory. Very stubborn old whiteheads (nodules/milia) can also be extracted by a professional dermatologist during a normal deep cleanse of the skin.

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