3 Large pores/blackheads

Clogged pores that hasn’t closed up completely can form tiny pimples called blackheads. Oil, dead skin and bacteria will push the pore open, which makes it look larger, while the oxygen in the air causes the oil to blacken, most noticeable at the nose and chin.


Blackheads are caused by excessive oil production in some areas, which can be dealt with by using products meant for reducing sebum in oily skin. Also look for products with the phrase ‘non-comedogenic’, which will let you know that the product doesn’t clog the pores.



  • A very effective way of extracting blackheads is to massage your skin with a soft clean toothbrush with a cleansing creme.
  • A blackhead extractor can also be used to carefully push out large blackheads, by sliding the tool down your skin at an angle, like a cake spatula on a cake. Be sure not to use force and only remove the blackheads that gets out easily to avoid damage.
  • Alternatively you can treat yourself with an extraction treatment at your local dermatologist.

Gently exfoliate with a psychical scrub or a chemical peel, to clean out the pores and help remove the upper layer of dead skin cells.
Exfoliate dry skin

Exfoliate oily skin


Masks/Skin care
Masks can help clear out the skin on the nose and chin, especially masks with ingredients like clay and active charcoal. There are also different skin care ingredients that aim to get rid of blackheads and reduce pore size.

Skincare for reducing pore size


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