3 G&J square face


Round glasses
Round and oval thin frames will instantly soften angular features.

Dark and bold frames
Go for dark and bold frames as they will look great on you.

Neutral colors
Neutral colors will make the frames less harsh on your features.

Wide frames
Choose glasses with a frame that is wider than your cheekbones to compliment a square face shape.

Upswept glasses
Frames that appear upswept will also compliment your features beautifully, like a soft and rounded cat eye effect.

Glasses that only has visible frames at the top of the glasses will also be great on you.

Avoid all glasses that are angular or square in style. Also stay clear of thin and light-colored frames. Low-set temples, or color accents on the bottom of the frames, will draw unnecessary attention to the chin.


Go for length and curves. Necklaces like princess, matinee, opera and rope lengths are ideal, since they create a vertical line to lengthen a square face. Try a longer pearl necklace that falls in a u-shape, to make your neck appear long and slim.

Choose curvy and round pendants for your necklace, to counter your angular features.

Avoid chokers as they will shorten your neck and emphasize the squareness of your jaw. Also avoid collars, bulky pieces and full necklaces.

Your face is ideal for wearing large oval hoops, long linear drops and narrow designs. Also try rounded earrings, that hit at or just below your jawline, to balance your sharp features.

Avoid wide chandelier earrings and very short earrings like large studs or bottom earrings. Also avoid geometrical shapes like triangles and squares.


Bonus: Necklines
Go for curved necklines, maybe with a scalloped edge or a lace trim, V-neck, deep Sabrina neckline, moderate cowl neck, scoop neckline and sweetheart necklines.

Avoid squared or empire necklines.

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