3 G&J round face


Rectangular frames
Rectangular frames will look the best on you. The square shape will contrast your round features, and glasses that are wider than they are tall give the illusion of a slimmer face.

Design on the temples
Also try glasses with strong details like color or decorations at the temples, like a cat eye glass or similar.

Contrast on the bridge
Choose glasses where the bridge between the glasses is another color or material, to make your eyes appear wider. Also glasses with nose pads at the bridge prevents the glasses from resting on fuller cheeks.

Avoid very small or round shapes. Also avoid oversized frames, as they will make your face look more round.


Aim for necklaces that creates a V, U, Y(lariats) or long necklaces in general, that draws attention below the neckline. Also pendants with strong triangles or geometrical shapes, will compliment your round features.

Avoid choker, collars, full necklaces and princess lengths, since they will shorten the neck and add width to the neck.

Any long vertical earrings will make your face appear longer and slimmer. Go for dangles, drops and narrow chandeliers.

To compliment your round features, choose angular designs like rectangles, trapezoids or triangles, as long as they represent a strong vertical line.

Avoid large bottom earrings and hoops.


Bonus: Neckline
Go for a V-neck, a collared shirt open at the throat, a sweetheart neckline, a Queen Anne neckline or a narrow empire neckline, to best compliment your round face shape.

Avoid rounded necklines, like boat neck, bateau, crew or scoop necklines.

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