3 G&J oval face


Eyes centered
Just about any frame will look great on an oval face shape, as long as your eyes stays in the center of the glasses, to ensure a balanced look.

Wide frames
Choose frames that are equal or wider than the widest part of your face.

Teardrop lenses
Go for teardrop lenses, especially ones that are slightly squared off.

Bold oversized shapes like aviators will also flatter your face shape.

Square frames with rounded edges
Square frames with slightly rounded edges are also very complimenting to an oval face.

With an oval face shape it’s important to choose glasses that fits your proportions. Very oversized glasses, or glasses that are too small for you, will compromise your balanced face shape. Be careful with styles that are too thin, too wrapped-around (almost like swimming goggles) or glasses with strong rectangular frames.


Go for any kind of necklace, as long as it fits in proportion to your body size. For example a full necklace, triple strand, v-shaped or a waterfall necklace.

Wide curves and rectangular pendants will look great on you.

Emphasize a long neck with a short necklace, collar or a choker, or make your torso appear longer with a long necklace worn flapper-style. Be careful however with very long necklaces, as they can make your face appear longer than it is.

Go for any kind of earrings, as long as it is proportionate to your face. Go for hoops, chandeliers, pearls and other curvy designs. You can also contrast your face shape with bold triangle-shaped earrings and other sharp geometrical shapes.

Short to mid length dangles will flatter you the most. Avoid very long earrings, as they tend to lengthen your face.

Go for ear climbers, jackets or studs to create the illusion of a wider face.

To minimize a long nose, try climbers and other earrings that go up along the ear or are swept upwards.


Bonus: Neckline
Scoop necklines, turtlenecks and Nehru collars are great next to your oval face. There are however no neckline styles that you should avoid.

Since you can wear any neckline, try matching the style of your neckline with the style of a necklace, for example a V-neck with a V-shaped necklace, for an effortlessly put-together look.

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