3 Eyebrows

Don’t underestimate the power of eyebrows. Your brows defines your face, and giving them just a tiny bit of love, will make your look that much more polished and balanced.

What is your face shape?







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Not sure?

Try the Nancy Parker method

  1. Take a selfie as straight on as possible, and print it out.
  2. Get a ruler and measure your face in 2 different places, writing down the results.

    A Face length – Measure from the top of your forehead to your chin. Now divide this number with 3
    B From nose to chin – Measure the space from underneath your nose to your chin.


* If A is greater than B, then you either have a long or a square face.
* If A is less than B, then you either have a round face or a diamond face.
* If A an B are equal, or very close to, then you either have a heart shaped face or an oval face (If your chin is pointy, then you are heart shaped. If your chin is round then you have an oval shaped face)

If you are still not sure you can also follow the instruction of Birchbox’s video.