3 Brows heart-shaped face

Eyebrow style heart-shaped face
To compliment your slightly pointy chin, go for soft almost straight arched eyebrow. Gently fill in any obvious gabs between your eyebrows but keep them soft. Avoid very dark bushy eyebrows.

Find your eyebrow shade

  1. Brown hair. Go for an eyebrow color that matches or is slightly lighter than your natural hair/brow color.
  2. Black hair. Go for a dark brown eyebrow color.
  3. Blonde hair. Go for an eyebrow color that is two shades darker than your natural hair/brow color. Also a taupe eyebrow color is ideal for blondes.
  4. Red hair. Go for a taupe or auburn eyebrow color.

Shape your brows once
When you’ve shaped your eyebrows once, it’s easy to keep the shape by making the upkeep a part of your makeup routine. The easiest way to get the perfect brows, is to visit a professional with great eyebrow skills.

But if you’re feeling adventures you can definitely do it yourself. Here are the 5 golden rules for perfectly shaped brows;

  1. Only remove hair under your brows. Plucking hair above your brow, will mess with your natural brow shape. Very stray hair can of course be removed, but keeping your natural brow shape will always be the most flattering.
  2. Your brows should start at the bridge of your nose. Simply hold a thin pencil along the bridge of your nose in a straight line upwards, and pluck the hairs between your brows.
  3. If you see a natural arch, go for defining it. If not, try holding the pencil at the bottom side of your nose, and let it cross the outer side of your iris when looking straight ahead. The point where the pencil touches your eyebrow, should be the highest point of your brow (about 2/3 of the way). Avoid creating a centered arch, as it can result in some quite unflattering rainbow brows. Also avoid making the arch too high, as it can look very unnatural.
  4. A long tail is almost always preferred, since the tail gets shorter with age. A long tail is associated with a youthful look, but if it’s too long it can make your eyes look droopy. Place the pencil from the bottom side of your nose, and tilt it so that it touches the outer corner of your eyes. The point where the pencil touches the brow, should be were the tail ends, though it can be extended slightly and still look gorgeous in most cases.
  5. Eyebrows are sisters – not twins. Even though you will want to make your eyebrows as similar as possible, know that perfect mirrored eyebrows would look crazy on anyone, and when it comes to brows there’s definitely room for perfect imperfections.

Brow makeup

Remove outgrown hair
Once you’re got your eyebrow shape in place, you can easily keep the look, by making the upkeep a part of your makeup routine. Whenever you do your makeup, start by sitting in in front of a mirror in a well-lit area. The new outgrown hairs will be obvious and can easily be removed with a pair of quality tweezers, one at a time, without the fear of over-plucking. This way, you will always have fabulous and well-groomed eyebrows.

Fill in your brows
All brows looks the greatest when they are filled in. Start by combing your eyebrows upwards. A perfect brush for this is spoolie brush or an old cleaned mascara wand.

Coat the tip of an angular brush with brow powder. Use light dash-like strokes, in the direction of your hair, to mimic your natural hair. Fill in any gabs that might be within your eyebrows, and make the arch the most vibrant in color, for a more natural and youthful look.

Avoid filling in the inside corner of your brow, as it will look very unnatural. If you want, fill in this part with a lighter shade of brow powder (this is why most brow powders come in a duo packing).

Shape your brows
Brush your eyebrows trough again to remove the excess pigment, and to soften the edges. Then shape your brows and you’re done.

Hairy eyebrows
If you have very hairy eyebrows, you might want to set them in place with a brow gel. Wipe the gel-wand with a piece of tissue paper to remove excess product. Coat the hairs in the opposite direction of your hair growth (from the tail to the inside corner), to get all hairs evenly covered. Then use the wand, or a clean eyebrow spoolie, to shape your brows.

Very bushy and wild eye brows might also need trimming once in a while. If you have a wild brow mane, brush your eyebrows upwards, then cut very long hairs with a small pair of scissors.

Tinted brows
It should only take a couple of minutes, to fill in and shape your eyebrows. But if you have a very unnatural hair color, compared to your natural hair and therefor brow color, you might want to consider having your eyebrows tinted at a salon. Do know however, that this will usually require an upkeep once a month, which can be quite pricey in the long run.

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