2 Home Manicure

1. Clean your nails

Wash your hands at the sink. Use a nailbrush to clean your nails and scrape free any dirt under your nails. If you have a face scrub/body scrub you can also apply it to your hands to exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin. If you have old nail polish on your nails, be sure to gently remove it with an acetone-free nail polish remover. Wash your hands and pad them dry gently.

2 Soak your nails

Leave your hands in a bowl of warm or lukewarm water for 3 min. to hydrate and soften your hands.

3. Shape your nails

Cut your nails with a pair of sharp nail scissors or nail clippers if needed, and gently buff down the sides with a nail file, starting from the sides towards the center. Clipping the nails will ensure strong edges that can withstand the daily challenges. Be careful with aggressively filing back and forth, as it will make the tips thin and fray more easily.

If you need to, gently push back your cuticles a bit with a wooden orange stick. Be sure not to push them too fare and be careful not to pull, lift, tear, rip, force or cut into the cuticle, as it can cause damage and infection to the nail.

4. Nail oil massage

Massage nail oil into your nails and cuticles to hydrate, and let it soak in. Remove the excess.

5. Moisturizing massage

Gently massage a heavy creme into your hands or wear hand-masks for the appropriate time listed on the product. Remove the excess.

(6. Nail polish)

If you want to add a new coat of nail polish, now is the time. Be aware that nails work like a sponge; they will soak up water and oil, and become larger until the excess is absorbed or evaporated. Clean your nails with paper towel and make sure they are fully dry and oil free before applying nail polish.

Stick to a maximum of two layers to avoid a bubbly uneven look; like a base coat and a dark color, two layers of a less opaque nail polish or a layer of nail polish with a clear topcoat. Always wait for your polish to dry completely in between. Note that blowing air on your nails or applying heat won’t make the polish dry faster – alternatively go for quick-drying nail polishes if you’re in a hurry.

Paint each nail by making a stroke on each side, followed by a stroke down the middle. Clean up any mistakes with nail polish remover and a tiny brush or cotton swap. Let your nails dry completely, wash your hands and apply nail oil to the cuticles to compensate for the drying nail polish remover.

You can go for any color you like, or find colors that match your undertone here. Fun colors and designs reveal a fun-loving personality, while darker solid colors ooze class and elegance. Applying a nude nail polish will elongate your hands and ensure a classy and sophisticated look – this is especially flattering since most people find longer body parts more attractive, like a long neck, long legs and yes even long arms. Clear polish can also be beautiful look, showing off your healthy and natural nails.

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