1 Clothing mix & match

The general body shapes can give you a good idea of how you can create balance in your look, but not everybody fits into these molds. Balance is all about hiding and accentuating different body features to create balance. Here are all the tricks you need to create your own style.

Accentuate shoulders

Top styles
– Structured jackets
– Cropped jackets
– Off-shoulder styles
– Clinging fabric
– Shoulder pads
– Strapless styles
– Spaghetti straps

Top neckline
– Halterneck
– Boat neck
– Crew neck
– Embellishments at the neckline/shoulders

Top sleeves
– Puff sleeves
– Horizontally cut sleeves

– Haircut that ends at the shoulders
Hide shoulders

Top styles
– Thick straps
– Thin collared shirts (helps break the horizontal line and shortens the distance between your neck and shoulders)
– Thin lapels
– Collarless jackets
– Long jackets
– Seams/lines that fall on the edge of the shoulders
– Dark/neutral/matte colored tops
– Shirts with embellishments on the chest
– Sturdy and heavier fabric that doesn’t cling (cotton, polyester etc.)

Top neckline
– V neck
– Scoop neck

Top sleeves
– Diagonal cut sleeves
– Dolman sleeves aka. batwing sleeves
– Kimono sleeve
– Raglan shirt with darker sleeves

– Haircut that ends above or below the shoulders
– Long necklace
– Long scarf
– Long earrings
– Diverse attention – accentuating your waist, bust or hips will draw attention away from the shoulders


Accentuate arms

Top sleeves
– Sleeveless
– Puff sleeves
– Cap sleeves
– Ruffle sleeves
– Elastic sleeves
– Horizontally striped sleeves
– Embellishments on the sleeves
– Sleeves that end between your shoulders and elbow

Hide arms

Top styles
– Off-shoulder styles
– Cold-shoulder styles
– Flowy knits
– Crop top
– Layered jacket
– Layered shrug
– Layered cardigan
– Embellishments on the chest (that will draw attention away from the arms)
– Cutaway shoulders (if you must wear a sleeveless top, choose one that is cut around the armhole to reveal more of the shoulders, making your arms appear longer)
– Dark/neutral/matte colors on the arms

Top sleeves
– Wrist length sleeves
– Slightly loose 3/4 sleeves
– Rolled up sleeves
– Elbow-length sleeves
– Long wide sleeves
– Kimono sleeves
– Long flutter sleeves
– Bell sleeves
– Eyelet sleeves
– Dolman sleeves aka. batwing sleeves
– Illusion fabric sleeves (sheer fabric/laze that gives the illusion of showing skin)

– Bold bracelets (will draw attention away from the top part of your arms, but will also accentuate your hips)
– Shawl
– Bold necklace
– Bold earrings

Do smaller bust

Top style
– Backless
– Off-shoulder
– Drop shoulder
– Peplum
– Crop top
– Princess cut
– Corset tops
– Chunky knits
– Ponchos
– Bandeau
– Raglan
– Kimono
– Oversized jacket
– Belted jacket
– Layered cardigan

Top details
– Frills
– Flounces
– Ruffles
– Colorful tops
– Shiny tops
– Front pockets
– Front buttons
– Front prints
– Double breasted blazer
– Plunging neckline with sheer/laze front
– Sheer fabric around the chest area
– Scarfs
– Shawls

Top neckline
– Turtleneck
– High collar
– Deep V with camisole
– Cowl neck
– Crew neck
– Boat neck
– Halterneck
– Scoop neck

Top sleeves
– Strapless
– Spaghetti straps
– Dolman sleeves aka. batwing sleeves
– 3/4 length sleeves
– Wrist length sleeves

– Always choose a well-fitted bra
– Padded bra
– Water bra
– Push-up bra
– Balcony bra

– Small dainty necklaces (will draw attention to your collarbones and a long neck)
– Long necklaces
– Wearing lighter colors on top and darker colors on the bottom
– Diverse attention – accentuating your arms will draw the attention away from your chest
– Diverse attention – accentuating your waist will make your bust appear fuller

Do larger bust

Top style
– Styles fitted at the bust
– Knitted tops
– Simple tops
– Lapel-free cardigan
– Narrow lapel cardigan
– Lapel-free jacket
– Smock style
– Wrap front
– Natural shoulders where the seam sits on the actual shoulder
– One-button jacket
– Semi-fitted soft jacket with narrow lapels
– Soft non-boxy fabric (jersey, cotton, silk, cashmere etc.)

Top details
– Subtle prints and patterns
– Dark/neutral/matte colors
– Loosely draped scarf

Top neckline

– V-neck
– V-neck with camisole
– Scoop neck
– Sweetheart
– Wide collars
– Shawl collars
– Square neck
– Soft draping neck

Top sleeves
– Puffed sleeves
– Long sleeves that flares out below the elbow

– Shift dress
– A-line dress
– Fit and flare dress
– Wrap dress
– Shirt dress

– Always choose a well-fitted bra
– Push-up bras
– Sports bra
– Balconette bra

– Loose romper
– Loose jumpsuit
– Bold necklace above your bust line (will bring the attention upwards)
– Bold hat (will bring the attention upwards)
– Bold earrings (will bring the attention upwards)
– Shirts that buttons up with horizontal holes instead of vertical holes to avoid “peeping”
– Diverse attention – accentuate hips to create balance
– Diverse attention – accentuate shoulders to bring the attention upwards

To emphasize a large bust
– Deep V
– Halterneck
– Cowl neck
– Necklace at your cleavage
– Sleeves that ends at your bust
– Horizontal stripes
– Empire style
– Babydoll style
– Short jackets
– Clutch bag worn between your arm and bust
– Accentuating your waist

Accentuate waist

Top styles
– Crop top
– Peplum
– Empire
– Fitted top
– Wrap top
– Vertical ribbed knits
– Fitted jacket with darting
– Trench coat with belt
– Fitted blazer
– Soft fabric (jersey, scuba etc.)
– High-waisted bottom with a tucked in shirt

Top details
– Bright colors at the waist
– Patterns at the waist
– Beads/sequins at the waist
– Laze at the waist
– Tops with side panels that taper in towards the waist
– Tops with different colors above and below the waist
– Tops that exposes skin around the waist

– Wrap dress
– Sheath dress in thicker fabric
– Fitted A-line dress
– A-line skirt with tucked in top
– Loose dress with belt

– Jumpsuit with waist details
– Jumpsuit cinched in at the waist
– Diverse attention – accentuating your shoulders and hips will emphasize the waist

Hide waist

Top styles
– Flowy fabric near the waist without too much excessive fabric
– Flowy hip-length tops
– Flowy long tops
– Tunics
– Asymmetric tops
– Empire
– Single-breasted jackets that fall below your waist
– Dark shirt with open cardigan
– Dark shirt with open jacket
– Long cardigans
– Waterfall cardigans
– Long vest
– A-line cape
– Dark/neutral/matte colors near the waist
– Non-clinging materials (cotton, synthetics, linen etc.)

Top details
– Vertical lines
– Tops with frayed edges or details at the edges
– Tops with draping around the waist

– Boat neck
– Scoop neck
– Sweetheart
– V-neck

– Dresses with uniform darker colors
– Details around the neckline (draw the attention upwards)
– Scarfs (draw attention upwards)
– Bold necklaces (draw attention upwards)
– Oversized tops with skinny jeans/leggins
– High-waisted jeans will help avoid a muffin-top
– High-waisted underwear can define your stomach without being as uncomfortable as shape-wear
– Diverse attention – Emphasizing your shoulders and hips will make your waist seem more narrow

Accentuate hips

– High-waisted trousers with a tucked in shirt/crop top
– Palazzo style
– Linen trousers
– Skinny jeans
– Horizontal stripes
– Bold colors
– Light colors
– Printed design
– Belts
– Embellishments on the hip
– Stretchy fabric, cotton, fitted polyester, lycra and heavy fabric in general

– High-waisted skirt with tucked in shirt/crop top
– Skirt that end right above the knee
– Skirt that end right above the ankle
– Pencil skirt
– Trumpet skirt
– A-line skirt (hides thinner thighs underneath, giving the illusion of volume)

– Tops and jackets that ends at the hip
– Heels will improve your posture and make your hip and bust pop
– Accentuating your waist will also emphasize your hips

Hide hips

– Trousers that are fitted but not skin tight
– Regular rise jeans
– Straight-leg jeans
– Flat front pants
– Boot-cut jeans
– Vertical lines
– Dark/neutral/matte colors

– Straight skirt
– Flared skirt
– Flowy skirt
– A-line skirt that ends above the knee (adds volume but hides thighs underneath)

– Jackets/tops that ends below or above the hips
– Midi dress
– Wrap dress
– Loose dress with waist belt
– Dresses that are fitted at the waist and flares out at the bottom
– Diverse attention – accentuating your shoulders, arms or bust will give the illusion of smaller hips

Accentuate calves

– Tights with pattern
– Skinny jeans
– Cropped trousers
– Capris
– Trousers in bright colors/print

– Pencil skirt
– Mini skirt
– Skirt that ends at the calves

– Flat closed shoes
– Ballet shoes
– Skinny stilettos
– Kitten heels
– Thick ankle straps
– Shoes that laces up the calves
– Boots that stops mid calf
– Boots with buckles and details

Hide calves

– Boot-cut jeans
– Straight-leg trousers
– Wide legged trousers
– Dark tights

– A-line skirt that ends just above or just below the knee (depending on where you are thinnest)
– Maxi skirts

– Medium/high chunky heels
– Wedge
– Platform
– d’Orsay flat
– Peep toes flat
– Nude shoes
– Riding boot style
– Tall dress boot
– Knee high booths with details at the top
– Boots with a high ankle and details on top
– Boots that scrunches and are soft enough to push down, so that the shoes doesn’t end at the widest part of the calves
– Boots that ends just below the knee (dark and simple)
– A lot of manufactures have “wide fit” versions of their shoes, that will ensure a better fit on larger calves

– Diverse attention – accentuating your shoulders, bust or waist will draw the attention away from the calves

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